Why Black Twitter Got Mad About Amanda Seales’ Rant About Jordans

4 months ago

Amanda Seales found herself to be the target of backlash after she went on a Twitter rant that resurrecting the long-standing debate about what poor people should spend their money on. Her first few tweets were pretty sensible, starting with “If you’re buying Jordans and Nike Suits but you’re sleeping on an air mattress, YOU’RE LOSING.”

But then, she went on to say the same about people who have Jordans and Nike suits and haven’t traveled the world, and well, the price difference there is a little more complicated than such a black and white statement. People didn’t appreciate  what felt like Amanda talking down to the little people from up on a pedestal. Maybe next time, a different approach would be best. Check out this exclusive video to hear more from Hip-Hop Obama in this clip from Breaking Bossip on the “Ed Lover Show.”

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