Weird Australia laws: The country where hot pink shorts are banned | Travel News | Travel

3 months ago

Many age old laws are there to protect you – such as criminal legislation.

However, there are some left over from the olden days that are downright ridiculous.

One of the silliest is from Victoria, Australia – where citizens are banned from wearing hot pink shorts.

The ban does not apply to the whole week, only the period after midday on a Sunday.

This means, in theory, that from Monday to Saturday you have no problem at all parading your hot pink shorts.

Presumably this is good news for anyone attending a Seventies revival party.

However, this isn’t the only crazy Australian law.

In fact, the country is famed for having some of the most weird and wonderful laws in the world. 

Under Sect 13 of the Vagrancy Act 1966, alone who claims they can tell fortunes – or practises any other kind of witchcraft – can be found guilty of an offence.

There is also a law against making rain clouds – but only if you are unqualified. 

Under the Rain Making Control Act of 1967, people must have a qualification if they are to “carry out rain making operations”.

Exactly what this qualification act is is anyone’s guess.

There is also a baffling law prohibiting being in a house with thieves.

Under the Vagrancy Act of 1966, the penalty for being near or inside a house used by thieves is one year of imprisonment.

It is unclear if this applies to situations when your own house is being burgled. 

Finally, locals claim you can be charged with indecent exposure on Brighton Beach on Melbourne if your swimsuit doesn’t cover your body from neck to knee.