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2 months ago

Underwater cameras have revealed some amazing sights from beneath the water.

However, the beauty of the ocean can also be a dangerous place.

One viral video captures the terrifying moment one underwater photographer loses control.

Thankfully she appears to sign that she is okay.

The viral video shows a woman being pulled towards the person filming underwater with her arm stretched out.

As she gets closer, it is clear that she has no breathing apparatus under the water.

She then gets sucked past the person filming, before being pulled up the falls.

The wave takes her in a loop where she speeds out of sight, although appears to be okay as she holds her nose into the wave.

The Imgur video has terrified online users at the ferocity of the waves.

One wrote: “Over the falls is surfing jargon for exactly this scenario. It usually isn’t a pleasant experience.”

Although another noticed something else entirely.

They remarked: “Kinda pointless to start holding your nose after you’re already underwater, isn’t it?”

Another underwater photographer had a scary experience in the sea.

The man filming, Zack Spurlock, was recording his spearfishing when a huge great white shark swam alongside him.

It passed him three times whilst Spurlock managed to keep his cool.

The brave swimmer explained: “After it swam out of sight, I decided it was time to head up to get the GoPro.”