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3 months ago

A flight attendant fell out an open plane door and tumbled to the ground. 

The Xiamen Air cabin crew tumbled from a Boeing 737 plane while it was stationary in Zhengzhou airport last Friday, November 10.

She was preparing food when she tripped and fell out of the open cabin door, according to a Beijing Youth Daily article.

She suffered a broken bone in her chest after falling out of the aircraft.

In the video, she can be seen moving around inside the aircraft going about her work. 

Suddenly, a food trolley falls out the plane door, tumbling down.

It is closely followed by the unfortunate flight attendant, who tries to hang on to the floor of the aeroplane before letting go and dropping to the ground. 

The accident, captured on surveillance cameras, was first uploaded to Chinese microblogging site Weibo.

In a statement on Weibo, the airline said the woman fell out of the rear door of the aeroplane during a short stop in Zhengzhou.

The woman had surgery at a local hospital on the night of her fall to fix a broken bone in her chest, the statement continued. 

She suffered no permanent damage, according to doctors, and the company said they were treating the incident as an accident. 

However, an investigation was still under the way, the company added. 

Xiamen Air have been contacted for comment.

The oldest flight attendant in the world, 82 year old Bette Nash, who recently celebrated her 60th year in the job, recently revealed secrets about the profession.

She told WJLA that, back in the day, flight attendants were given weight restrictions.

She said: ““You put on a few pounds and then you had to keep weighing yourself. 

“And then if you stayed that way, they would take you off the payroll.”