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2 months ago

Snow has caused chaos throughout the UK, grounding flights and traffic problems.

A recent viral video has shown something much more terrifying in the snow.

Filmed in a different country, the creature can be seen lurking in the snow, whilst a man out of shot is shovelling snow.

Not everything is as it seems.

The man can be seen playing with the bear in the snow.

Thankfully it doesn’t appear to be ferocious, as it plays with the snow being thrown on him.

He happily sits there and lets the snow hit him, even sitting on his hind legs contently.

He then jumps up excitedly in the snow, much to the amusement of viewers.

The Imgur video has since had over 370,000 views, with many not being able to resist a pun.

One wrote: “He looks like he couldn’t bearly contain his excitement.”

Another thought it was another animal stating: “Something is wrong with your dog.”

Although quite rightly, one noticed it is still a dangerous animal and wrote: “Those claws though.”

It isn’t the first time a bear has been caught on camera in an amusing situation.

A man can be seen tentatively opening his car door, before missing the handle and running away.

On his second attempt, a bear cub jumps out of the car.

Then a second one seems to join him.