Wanna See Julia Roberts & Owen Wilson’s WONDER Movie This Week? Grab Your Free Tix Here! – SOHH.com

3 months ago

The weather’s only getting colder but it’s never too early to clock in those relationship goals with bae. If you’re a fan of great movies and Hollywood heavyweights, SOHH’s partnered up with Lionsgate for a series of select city “Wonder” movie screenings. Peep the trailer below and grab your passes!

Grab Your Screening Passes Below!

Charlotte – http://www.lionsgatescreenings.com/bOLSf74895

Los Angeles – http://www.lionsgatescreenings.com/GWMnb55962

Houston – http://www.lionsgatescreenings.com/oGfEP27605

New York – http://www.lionsgatescreenings.com/yzdHq52735

Philadelphia – http://www.lionsgatescreenings.com/axBqJ81127

Atlanta – http://www.lionsgatescreenings.com/GcnHS19284

Dallas – http://www.lionsgatescreenings.com/ofDFP79710

Chicago – http://www.lionsgatescreenings.com/OgvDB61171

Virginia – http://www.lionsgatescreenings.com/lUKOs99599