“Takin Tatoos Off My Face” – SOHH.com

4 months ago

Cash Money boss Birdman is getting his grown man on. The hip-hop executive has announced plans to rid his face of tattoos.

Baby went to Instagram last night (October 12) to break the big news.

Earlier in the week, Birdman raised eyebrows after switching out his signature gold smile.

This week, footage surfaced of Birdman talking slick to Lil Wayne fans.


“I been hearing all you n*ggas talking about this Lil Wayne sh*t. Lil Wayne this. Lil Wayne that. B*tch, Lil Wayne’s my son, I raised him. He ain’t have nothing. I brought him up to be something and got something. B*tch, I ain’t going make sure he’s straight? Suck a n*gga d*ck. B*tch, I’ma show all you p*ssy a** n*ggas that got into my business, f*ck you n*gga. I’ma show you. Don’t play with me, n*gga. I’m what you call a real mastermind.”

Recently, music executive Irv Gotti shared his take on Baby’s publicized rift with Wayne.

“I don’t get the Weezy and Birdman thing. You say this guy is your son, you’ve known this guy forever, you should work that out. Just pay him. Just pay him. He deserves it. Not only did ‘he’ put Cash Money Records on his back for all them years, he brought you f*cking Nicki [Minaj] and Drake. Give the n*gga [something].”