SNES Classic Mini UPDATE – Toys R Us get stock after GAME starts taking orders again | Gaming | Entertainment

4 months ago

UPDATE ONE: The SNES Classic Mini looks to have sold out at Toys R Us after being on sale for just a few minutes.

According to Stock Informer, the SNES Classic Mini become available to buy on the retailer’s UK website around 11.15am.

However, just ten minutes later stock was all sold out.

It follows a trend of SNES Classic Mini stock quickly selling out soon after becoming available.

Other retailers have released SNES Classic Mini stock in batches so it’s worth keeping an eye on the Toys R Us website in case more stock does drop in later today.

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Edition is available to buy right now from the Toys R Us website.

The SNES Classic Mini is priced at £79.99 and you get free delivery. Toys R Us are limiting stock to one per customer.

It marks one of the few times SNES Classic Mini stock has become available in the UK since last.

Earlier this week the GAME website started taking SNES Classic Mini orders, the first time since launch day two weeks ago.

The SNES Classic Mini comes loaded with 21 classic 16-Bit games playable in HD and two controllers bundled in.

The SNES Classic Mini games list features a number of games that were previously only released in Japan and the US.

These SNES games are Earthbound, Super Mario RPG and Final Fantasy III (which is actually Final Fantasy 6).

It also comes with Star Fox 2 – a game that had never been released before in any region. 

The SNES Classic Mini was launched two weeks ago around the world on September 29.

In the UK stock has been extremely hard to come by, with only Argos, John Lewis and Asda Direct having stock on launch day.

Following that there was a dry spell of no stock in the UK for around one a half weeks until GAME started taking orders.

The most recent batch of GAME stock became available yesterday, and lasted for around 20 minutes before selling out.


• Contra III: The Alien Wars™

• Donkey Kong Country™

• EarthBound™

• Final Fantasy III


• Kirby™ Super Star

• Kirby’s Dream Course™

• The Legend of Zelda™: A Link to the Past™

• Mega Man® X

• Secret of Mana

• Star Fox™

• Star Fox™ 2

• Street Fighter® II Turbo: Hyper Fighting

• Super Castlevania IV™

• Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts®

• Super Mario Kart™

• Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars™

• Super Mario World™

• Super Metroid™

• Super Punch-Out!!™

• Yoshi’s Island™