Relationship Expert Leaves Her Husband After 3 Years | Demetria Lucas | Celebrities

2 months ago

Former Blood, Sweat & Heels starlet Demetria Lucas recently dropped a bomb on social media when she revealed that she and her husband, Greg D’Oyley, have split after three years of marriage.

Get details on the recent dissolvement of another celebrity coupling with BET Breaks, above.

The television personality and relationship expert, 37, explained in a lengthy Instagram post that she decided to leave her marriage behind after realizing that, after waking up on her birthday this past July, instead of celebrating, she was “thinking of ways to die.”

“Our marriage had been in shambles for nearly a year,” she wrote. “I think it’s tacky to drag a partner or spouse publicly, so that’s all I have to say about that.”

She reassures all of her fans, however, that the split was not triggered by abuse.

“He didn’t beat me,” she continued. “I only mention that because a surprising number of people have asked, and upon hearing he didn’t, have encouraged me to work it out. Apparently being beat on is the only acceptable reason to leave your husband. So what if a woman is perpetually unhappy, keeping a husband is far more important than that.”

Take a look at her full post below:

The reality star and author married D’Oyley in October 2014.