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3 months ago

Safe holiday destinations are at the forefront of every traveller’s mind with terror attacks across the globe attracting worldwide attention. 

Security issues, particular at popular British tourist destinations like France, Spain and the US, can be worrying for holidaymakers. 

Almost two in three global business leaders believe travelling has become more dangerous in the last year.

The risk for Britons travelling abroad can be easily found on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website. 

On the FCO’s travel advice pages for Italy and Germany, amongst others, there is a warning for Britons to be “vigilant” at all times, especially in tourist areas – and the terror threat is high.

This new interactive map, not created by the FCO but the International SOS, delves deeper into the issues abroad for British travellers. 

The world’s largest medical and travel security services firm created the interactive map to visually represent the medical, security and road safety risks across the globe. 

It claims the medical risks are analysed by, “assessing a range of health risks and mitigating factors including: infectious diseases, environmental factors, medical evacuation data, the standard of available local emergency medical and dental care, access to quality pharmaceutical supplies, and cultural, language or administrative barriers.”

For example, medical risks in a country include the recent Black Plague disease spreading across Madagascar and nearby countries.

The risk of terror, included in the security risk, is measured by the following factors: “The travel security risk rating evaluates the threat posed to travellers and international assignees by political violence (including terrorism, insurgency, politically motivated unrest and war), social unrest (including sectarian, communal and ethnic violence) as well as violent and petty crime.”

This can include terrorist attacks by ISIS or the recent political riots in Catalonia.

Travellers can search any chosen destination to the interactive map to get a snapshot of the latest issues in that country. 

As well as releasing the map, International SOS asked global business leaders their heightened travel concerns, in light of the recent news surrounding terror attacks, natural disasters and health epidemics.

Surprisingly, 78 per cent felt the US had the biggest safety concern with travel to the country becoming riskier in the past year.

This was compared to just 59 per cent citing Europe as the worst place for travel when it comes to safety.

Africa and the Middle East were deemed safer in the past year, according to half of those asked (51 per cent).

Dr Doug Quarry, Group Medical Director of Health Intelligence for International SOS explained how to keep track of such issues in every country.

He said: “As threats, such as the plague in Madagascar, can be fast-moving, timely insight is critical to travellers and organisations to avoid potentially disastrous consequences.” 

An expert has also revealed tips on how to stay safe at Christmas Markets in the UK, with the locations feared to be targeted by terrorists.