Liverpool v Sevilla: Coach Eduardo Berizzo cancer, told players at half-time of Champions League game

3 months ago

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WIGAN’S Ryan Colclough had an evening to remember after scoring twice for the English League One club and then dashing to hospital to make it in time for the birth of his son — still dressed in full kit.

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The 22-year-old winger put the former Premier League side 2-0 up against Doncaster at the DW Stadium just before half-time and netted a second in the 58th minute in a 3-0 win.


He was substituted just after scoring his second before racing down the tunnel and dashing to the hospital.


“What a great result and team effort from all the boys! I’m so happy to mark the birth of my second son with two goals and the win he made it a hat-trick for me! Appreciate all the messages!” Colclough tweeted.


Ryan Colclough vs Doncaster:

⚽️ Scores A Brace
? Subbed off in 55th Minute
? Sprints Down The Tunnel
? Makes it to the Hospital
? Sees the Birth of his Son
? Still In Full Kit

What a night ???

— SPORF (@Sporf) November 22, 2017


He included a picture of celebrations on the pitch, mimicking cradling a baby, and one of him holding his son Harley Thomas.


“I saw my dad come right out down to the bottom of the stands and he sort of just gave me the action that the waters had gone, and then I knew that I needed to get off as soon as possible,” Colclough told Sky Sports News.


“It’s a little bit surreal… I looked over to my dad and saw him say ‘get the message to the manager’ – but then before I knew it I was in the box and I’d scored.


“I just celebrated because I knew what was coming and before I knew it I was off the pitch and on my way to the hospital.”


Colclough, who made it to hospital with just 30 minutes to spare, said he had arrived “in the nick of time”.


He added: “I got there as quick as I could, there was no time for getting dressed. And as soon as I got there it was literally 30 minutes later I had my son in my arms. I think my son made it a hat trick for me!” he added.

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Wigan chairman David Sharpe shared news of the safe arrival on Twitter, posting: “Congrats to Ryan Colclough who scored a brace tonight in our win before being substituted to make it in time to see the birth of his son!”


Assistant boss Leam Richardson said: “At half-time we got the message that his missus’ waters had broken, his second child.


“As soon as (he scored) the second goal he was off the pitch, because his head was somewhere else.”


Wigan, who won the FA Cup in 2013 and were relegated from the Premier League the same year, are second in League One, English football’s third tier.

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