Karma Came Quick: Alleged Molester Falls To His Death After Adults Catch His Hand Down Boy’s Pants

3 months ago

Fire escapes and windows of a multi-storey Third Avenue building in Mahhattan, New York City

Accused Molester Jumps To Death In Queens

An accused pedophile fell to his death in Queens this week after he was trying to escape the angry parents of TWO kids he was being allegedly inappropriate with.Edgar Collaguazo, 44, reportedly sublets rooms in his apartment to the family of the children. On the night of the incident, the family was having a birthday party. Collaguazo had offered to let the children watch a movie in his room while the adults partied.

Reportedly one child’s mom went to check on them around midnight, she found Collaguazo with his hand down the boy’s pants. The girl later claimed the man had kissed her on the mouth. Sh*t hit the fan. Adults began hitting Collaguazo. Then they locked the accused perv in his room and called the cops.

Collaguazo tried to flee out a window — and landed directly on a metal fence, before bouncing onto the ground, grisly security footage from the street level shows.

**Graphic footage of the accused man forward, scroll past and DO NOT press play if you’re not interested in seeing this**

The boy’s furious mom said Collaguazo and her son were very close, but she wasn’t aware of him touching the child in the past.“I never imagined he was able to do something like that,” she told The Post.