Hotel secrets: The disturbing reason why you shouldn’t use the coffee machine in your room | Travel News | Travel

4 months ago

There are all sorts of luxuries to indulge in when you check into a hotel. 

But there’s one activity most of us enjoy that might be best off avoided. 

If you’ve ever made yourself a cup of coffee from the hotel room’s machine, you’ll want to think twice before doing it again. 

A study from the University of Valencia has revealed just how dirty the machines can get.

Researchers said: “We sampled the coffee waste reservoir of ten different Nespresso machines. 

“Our results reveal the existence of a varied bacterial community in all the machines sampled.”

The study tested nine Nespresso machines that had been in use for at least one year. 

While these were from home kitchens and communal areas, the same brand is often seen in hotel rooms. 

Every machines recorded a “moderately to highly abundant” quantity. 

Authors wrote: “All the machines revealed a significant bacterial diversity, with the total number of identified genera ranging from 35 to 67.”

Coffee machines must be cleaned every few months with vinegar in order to stop mould and bacteria from growing inside of them. 

Contrary to popular opinion, hot water alone will not do the trick. 

The report said: “Our results show, for the first time, that coffee leach from standard capsule machines is a rich substrate for bacterial growth. 

“The presence of bacterial genera with pathogenic properties and the fast recovery of the communities after rinsing the capsule container, strongly suggest the need for frequent maintenance of the capsule container of these machines.”

It’s not just the coffee machine to be wary of – you might want to steer clear of your hotel room kettle too. 

Some hotel guests have recently admitted to using the kettle to wash and ‘sterilise’ their dirty underwear.