Grim Sickers gets reflective on Yaseen Roasy-featuring ‘Save Me’

1 month ago

Though tracks like ‘Kane’ have helped to bring Grim Sickers to prominence as a grime MC, he began his music career as a rapper and still likes to show that side of his artistry from time to time. Last year, for example, he wrote to instrumentals from songs by the late Lil Peep. This week comes a new Grim single, premiered by Target on 1Xtra, featuring a hook from Yaseen Rosay, who has really upped with croon game of late, what with his guest spot on Jaykae’s EP too.

‘Save Me’ is a quite the change in direction turn from previous single ‘Open The Till’, with Grim grateful to the saviour in his life over Infamous Dimez production, but that should be expected by Sickers fans at this point and his 2018 album will almost certainly reflect such a balance in sound.