Google Maps Street View users spot something disturbing about THIS blonde tourist’s legs | Travel News | Travel

5 months ago

Google Maps Street View allows users to see the world’s most iconic landmarks without stepping foot on a plane.  

But one tourist attraction captured by the Google camera turned heads for all the wrong reasons. 

The image showed a blonde tourist standing in front of the Chichen Itza ancient Mayan ruins in Mexico. 

Wearing a short white off-the-shoulder dress, the woman was captured from a profile angle, with her long blonde locks resting on her shoulders. 

But a seemingly innocuous tourist picture became something out of a sci-fi film as soon as you focused on her legs. 

Jutting out backwards at the knees, her legs resembled that of an animal. 

A glitch in the photo turned the innocent blonde tourist into what looked like an alien creature from another planet. 

The bizarre image did not go unnoticed by Google Maps viewers, who were quick to share it online.

Viewers shared their own theories about the image, with one saying on Reddit: “It’s not a glitch, it’s [an] alien.”

Another said: “Definitely an alien tourist.”

Others suggested it was a zombie apocalypse or time travel at work. 

It’s not the only Google Maps image to disturb its viewers.