Google Maps Street View: Can you guess what’s poking out of this box? | Travel News | Travel

2 months ago

Google Maps Street View, created in 2007, is a technology featuring locations from all around the world. 

This includes everything from the ordinary to sights so unusual you won’t believe your eyes.

It is certainly the case with a certain image of an old fashioned red phone box found in Leicester Square, London.

There is something very strange indeed poking straight out of the roof of the phone box.

It appears to be the head and neck of a giraffe, an exotic animal rarely found in the UK outside of a zoo. 

The giraffe appears to have burst straight out of the roof of the phone box, and is not at all damaged.

The rest of the giraffe’s spotted body is visible within the box, seen through transparent panes of glass. 

Its head is raised, facing up towards the sky, and the leaves of an adjacent tree hang down around it.

However, while the giraffe is particularly life like, it turns out the surprising sight is not a real animal.

In fact, it is actually a sculpture created by artist Benjamin Shine. 

The title of the art work is “Long Distance” – which is probably a play on the idea of a long distance phone call.

The telephone box art work makes for a striking sight within the otherwise grey street.  

This isn’t the only surprising or disturbing image found on Google Maps. 

A Google Maps image taken in Brazil shows a man and a woman clambering down a rock on a deserted beach.

The beach, known as Praia dos Naufragados, is surrounded by green mountains – and no one else is around.

However, there is something terribly wrong about the two people – can you guess what it is?