Google Maps reveals an older man falling off his bike | Travel News | Travel

1 month ago

Google Maps Street View – created in 2007 – was founded by brothers Lars and Jens Eilstrup Rasmussen, having created Google Maps in 2005.

By using 360-degree cameras on a car or bike, it can map out the world for anyone to see with the click of a button.

It has revealed a number of images such as suspected UFO landings and even solved crime cases.

Sometimes, it also captures hilarious incidents when innocent passersby are caught up in it.

A man was spotted in Lombardy in Italy down a quiet side road on his bike.

Embarrassingly, he appears to be caught in the middle of an awkward fall with his bike on top of him.

With his right foot on the ground, his left foot is slightly in the air as the weight of his bike takes him over.

However, he appears to have some balance so looks to be handling the situation.

Whilst it is unknown if he managed to get back up again very easily, there was another bike rider just a few metres away from him.

He doesn’t notice the embarrassing fall and continues on his journey.

With no other images of the fallen man, it can safely be assumed that he got back up again and carried on cycling, hopefully with the help of the Google Maps driver.

It isn’t the first time a humiliating bike incident was caught on camera.

A young woman in Japan is riding her bike down a narrow dirt path when the Google Maps car drives past.

Due to the slim road, there isn’t much room for them both to drive, and so the Japanese lady wobbles on her bike before falling into a ditch.

She painfully falls into the wall as she attempts to avoid the car.

Thankfully she gets back up again as the car goes past.