Flights offering hot towels should always be avoided | Travel News | Travel

3 months ago

Long-haul flights often provide items to make the journey easier, such as free drinks and blankets.

Many may want to avoid the blanket after it was revealed to hide a disgusting secret.

Another thing some flights give passengers are hot and cold towels.

These also harbour some shocking stories, as passengers may well want to avoid them too.

Quora user Deirdre Beecher explained why declining them is the best way to prevent any germs spreading.

She wrote on online forum Quora: “I was told never to accept hot/cold towels on an airplane as some people give themselves virtual sponge baths with them. 

“They are laundered, but you could be wiping your face with a towel that has been down a sweaty guys trousers, front and back.”

Therefore next time a passenger uses that towel, despite it having been washed, it may have been used somewhat extremely by another passenger.

Passengers may also want to avoid using the free headphones provided on a flight.

They normally come packaged in plastic for fliers to use for themselves when using the in-flight entertainment system.

The plastic is deceiving when it comes to the earphones as many may think they are brand new.

Often, they have simply packaged them up again and given to someone else.

Hot drinks on a plane also harbour nasty secrets.

Tea and coffee is often handed out during a journey with many passengers accepting.

A study by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that one in eight planes fail the required standards for clean water.

This is because the large tanks which heat the hot water up are rarely cleaned, according to many flight attendants.