Fifty Shades Freed – Jamie Dornan to get NAKED with Dakota Johnson? | Films | Entertainment

5 months ago

A clip of Johnson speaking on Watch What Happens Live a year ago has resurfaced once again on The Inquisitr, showing the star calling for “the D” to make an appearance.

When asked if she thinks Dornan should flash as much flesh as she has, she carefully said: “That’s an interesting question.

“I’ll probably get in trouble for this answer: yeah!

“I’m going to make him get fully naked in the next one.”

As those around her laughed, she quipped: “Everybody wants to see the D. [We need] a movement, a campaign.”

It does seem, however, like Dornan will close the trilogy without having to completely bare all.

Fifty Shades Freed has long been finished filming, so it’s a little late in the day to call for additional nudity.

The movie released its first teaser last month, with a full trailer expected in November.

The franchise has had a lot of good fortune thus far, despite terrible reviews.

Not only has it propelled Johnson to Hollywood’s A-list, it’s also made plenty of money at the box office and on DVD and Blu-ray.

The actress’s dad, however, is still refusing to watch.

Fifty Shades Freed is out on February 9, 2018.