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2 months ago

Holidaymakers will be planning their trips for 2018, and one of the biggest deciding factors for many will be cost.

With the pound to euro exchange rate volatile, and staycations not always popular due to the weather, going abroad is still popular for Britons.

To help make a choice, FairFX have compiled a list of the top ten best value currencies for this year.

Ian Strafford-Taylor, CEO of FairFX, said: “If the Brexit trade talks have some positive momentum in 2018, then we may see Sterling improve against the euro, making the Eurozone better value than this year for Brits planning holidays.

“However, if Brexit negotiations impact on Sterling creating another rocky year, travellers may have to look further afield at destinations where countries have performed better in the long run, taking the opportunity to capitalise on currency improvements to test out long-haul and off the beaten track destinations.

“Regardless of your holiday destination, there’s plenty of steps to follow to make sure that when you want to buy currency, you get the very biggest bang for your buck.

“This includes considering exchange rates before you book, tracking rates so you buy when they’re at their strongest as well as avoiding travel money traps such as buying currency at the airports and being hit with credit and debit card fees.”

Anyone planning a short break to Europe should try Norway, with the Norwegian Krone showing a 24 per cent improvement for Britons over the last five years.

Moldova, in Eastern Europe, also made the top ten. The former Soviet republic is less than five hours flight from the UK, and is known for its beautiful scenery.

Looking further afield, Argentina was identified by FairFX as the best value destination for Britons this year.

In fact, South and Central America featured heavily on their list, with Brazil, Mexico and Uruguay all appearing.

Australia, a popular destination for British tourists, completed the top ten.

FairFX Best Value Currencies for 2018

Argentine Peso

Brazilian Real

Papua New Guinean Kina

Mexican Peso

Norwegian Krone

South African Rand

Uruguayan Peso

Moldovan Leu

Indonesian Rupiah

Australian Dollar