Ashes EXCLUSIVE: England have no chance of winning a single Test in Australia – Irani | Cricket | Sport

2 months ago

Australia have already regained the urn after winning the first three matches by comfortable margins.

England have been heavily criticised for failing to perform with the bat and have only showed glimpses of the quality they possess.

The players will be hoping to salvage some pride Down Under when the next Test gets underway.

But former England international Ronnie Irani does not think they have a chance, especially after not taking a sixth batsman and instead going wth five bowlers.

“No I don’t think they will get anything from the next two Tests. Not at all,” Irani told Express Sport.

“They all have to take their foot off the gas and massively underperform and embarrass themselves.

“It’s very difficult. I think Australia will come in even harder than ever.

“When their tails are up and they can smell blood they stick their teeth in you. They don’t give you any let ups whatsoever.

“England are not going to have to play well, they’re going to have to play out of their skin and so far I haven’t seen any of it.

“I said if Australia were to win it then it would be a whitewash.”

Irani, who is currently the chairman of Essex Cricket Club and runs a shoe insole company called Orthosole, thinks Australia would have to embarrass themselves for England to get even one win in the Series.

But he says it is not the players who should take the blame as they have put in maximum effort.

“They (England) will be desperate to salvage a bit of pride,” Irani added.

“All of them players in an England shirt have tried their best. You cannot question any of them for not trying.

“They have sweated blood as much as possible. They have given everything.

“We just went in with the wrong tactics.”